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Earth Drum - Spirit Vision - David and Steve Gordon - YouTube

Earth Drum - Spirit Vision - David and Steve Gordon - YouTube

From the DVD of Earth Drum by David & Steve Gordon - imagery of the ocean and cliffs of the Pacific Coast and fall in the great forests of New England - Trance beats with Taos Log Drums, Incan Pan Flutes, electric and acoustic guitars, world percussion, atmospheric syntesizers and sounds of nature. Video filmed, produced and edited by:

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Spirit Vision

The vision unfolds... Golden leaves drift silently to the ground and many rivers flow to the sea. The cycle of life constantly renews. There is no loss, only a stream of constant change. The Shaman sees the interdependence of all beings on the great wheel of life. Filled with deep peace and compassion, he smiles with inner joy.

Studio notes: This song uses a trance-inducing 12/8-4/4 polyrhythm played on African drums with an E Minor Native-American flute to take us on a journey to a sacred place of visions. Halfway through the song, the music changes to a major key and to acoustic guitar and Incan pan pipes. This conveys the joyful vision and affirmation of life. The images of autumn remind us of the cycle of the seasons and the annual rebirth of the sun.

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Paul Hawken


Life doesn't get easier or more forgiving; we get stronger and more resilient. - Steve Maraboli

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it and I shall move the world.”
– Archimedes

Henry Miller speaks about writing, sex, spirituality, and New York.

Published on Mar 1, 2013

Filmed when Henry Miller was 81 years old, Henry Miller: Asleep and Awake is an intimate documentary in which the author speaks about writing, sex, spirituality, and New York.

The film opens in Miller's bathroom, a shrine covered with photos and drawings, where Miller graciously points out the highlights of his "gallery."

His voice is raspy as he talks about philosophers, writers, painters, and friends. Mentions Cendrars, Blaise, Virtually the complete works, as an author he admired greatly

The unique and prolific life of a singular American artist are beautifully captured in this film. ~ Cara Saposnik, Rovi

 Cendrars 1916.jpg
Cendrars posing in the uniform of the Légion étrangère in 1916, a few months after the amputation of his right arm.